Theft & Burglary

If you have been charged with theft or burglary, McFadden Law LLC can help you immediately.  There are a variety of charges that you may be charged with, and we have experience with all of them.  

  • Theft (a.k.a. larceny): In Maryland, theft of less than $1,000 is charged as a misdemeanor. Theft of $1,000 or more is a felony.
  • Shoplifting: Even if you think you are guilty of the charges, an experienced attorney can do many things to prevent a poor decision from becoming a permanent criminal record.
  • Burglary: Breaking and entering a residence to commit a crime such as theft increases the possible consequences you may face. Maryland courts take burglary charges very seriously.
  • Robbery: When you are accused of using force or the threat of force, you may face felony charges regardless of the amount taken.
  • Embezzlement: Theft from employers can involve significant sums of money. Because the charges you face will depend on the amount taken, you could be looking at a lengthy prison sentence.

Burglary Charges

If you are charged with theft, you may also be charged with burglary or robbery. These charges are often more serious than the underlying theft offense.  Burglary involves breaking and entering, and comes in different degrees based on intent and the place entered. Breaking and entering someone else’s home with the intent to commit theft is burglary in the first degree.

In addition to theft and burglary charges, we can handle cases of trespassing and vandalism.

With more than 15 years  experience in criminal defense, you can depend on me when your good name and freedom are at stake.

You do not have to go to court or face a prosecutor alone.  McFadden Law LLC is on your side. Protect your rights. Call for a free initial consultation.